Sustainable in Purpose and Principle.

Made of recycled milk jugs. Built with 100% renewable energy. We pride ourselves on building the best possible product with this innovative material and doing so more sustainably.

Made of recycled plastic.

Recycling bins made of recycled milk jugs brings sustainability full-circle.

Buying recycled plastic makes recycling itself a viable activity – a sustainable activity. Our products can even be recycled again at the end of their useful life through our Max·Reclaim program. Your bins come standard with their milk jug count - telling your customers how many went into its manufacture. Show your customers what you’re made of.

Built with 100%
renewable energy.

More than a green material, but sustainable practices.

We build our products using 100% renewable energy that’s generated in America. By purchasing renewable energy certificates we provide much needed revenue streams to fund new energy generation projects, ultimately aiming to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.

Higher bin presence.
More participation.

Better aesthetics = better results. It’s more than a bin.

You’ll place your bins more prominently if you love the design. Old, unsightly trash cans tend to get relegated off into obscurity. With Max·R, you’ll take pride in your bins so they’re seen and used. Coupled with your sustainability messages, they become more than just recycling bins – they're a display.


Easy for people to use.

It’s the moment of truth. Are your bins easy to understand and use?

There’s a split-second window of time for your users to choose the right bin. We carefully employ a combination of labels, images and restrictive openings to help them make the right decision. Adding symbols and color-coded tops can help you avoid ambiguity and reduce contamination.

Waste streams to
revenue streams.

Recyclables have a market value. Are you throwing money away in your current bins?

Selling recyclables instead of landfilling them means going from a cost center to a profit center. With the right bins, operations and local markets you can offset waste hauling costs and even turn a profit from recycling. What would you do with extra funding?